Take risks and conquer the fear

Take risks and conquer the fear

There are so many proven strategies to claim success in business, one of the most proven should be the habit of risk-taking. If a business is keeping risk taking as their corporate philosophy, the success and growth will become inevitable. When success and growth get inevitable, then excellence becomes a habit. While excellence gets endured the brand becomes an icon. The iconic brand I would like to introduce with pride is Kamal International Trading – The KIT Group. The elevation of KIT Group as one of the leaders of trading in the entire EMEA region lies in its spirit to overcoming odds, taking risks with foresight. Nevertheless conquering fear in the face of adversity.

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Success to excellence

Kamal Loungani - Sccess to excellence

Success to excellence

Right inspiration is the proven strategy to succeed and if success it is achieved through dedication the enterprise will triumph. Just like the Trade Synergy LLC entity of KIT Group. It has had the right inspiration in the form of the best leadership in Kamal Loungani and dedication of its employee made it a triumphant entity ever since its inception in 1998. Trade Synergies LLC is involved in management services, trading, import and export.

Trading Highlights of Trade Synergies:

IT Solutions, Paper, Oil Field Supplies, Chemicals, Commodity Trading, Security Products & Solutions, Structural Steel and many more.

New Beginnings, New Frontiers, New Challenges…but the same Promise continues.

New Beginnings, New Frontiers, New Challenges…but the same Promise continues.

In the year 1996, Kamal Kishin Loungani founded Kamal International Trading LLC. A successful entity of KIT Group. The success of KIT LLC in general trading sphere in the market of ESMA has heralded the growth and expansion of the KIT Group over the years. Achievements of KIT Group are purely built on its ethical trading practices and sustainable business dealings.

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An innovative business leader brings in innovation in snacking

Kamal Loungani the innovative business leader

Kamal Loungani the innovative business leader has been successful in all his business activities. His success is mostly based on providing the right solution meeting the demands of the industry. In line with his objective, Kamal Loungani brings in innovation in snacking. As we see the majority of people have become accustomed to unhealthy snacking habits. It was the genius in Kamal Loungani that incubated the idea of healthy snacking experience. Thus he has introduced healthy and additives free snack range- The Popped Lotus Seed for the snack lovers in the United Kingdom.

Rooted Foods was established in the year 2016 in the UK. As envisioned by Kamal Loungani, Rooted Foods has become a leading supplier to retailers in the organic, natural and superfoods category in the United Kingdom. The organic Popped Lotus Seed snack is high in nutritional value. Hence, it is recommended by physicians and approved by dieticians.

The Popped Lotus Seed snack proves to be the best healthy snack for its unique properties. The popped lotus seeds are preservative free and prepared with natural ingredients. Each pack of Popped Lotus Seed promises a delicious snack and a guilt-free snacking experience.

What is a Popped Lotus Seed?

  • It is an edible seed of the lotus flower, which can be taken cooked or raw.
  • The plant has been cultivated since ages for its seeds in India, China and Japan.
  • Lotus seeds are harvested in stagnant wetlands, no fertilizers or pesticides are used in the entire cultivation, thus making these naturally organic.
  • Our raw seeds are popped, roasted and flavored.

Why snack on Lotus Seeds?

  • Low in fat and high in carbohydrates, these are nutritionally distinct from nuts and seeds.
  • Lotus seeds are a good source of essential minerals, fibre, protein and carbohydrates.
  • Lotus seeds contain an anti-aging enzyme, which helps in repairing damaged proteins.

Indulge without guilt.

Indulge without guilt.

Presenting Popped Lotus Seed Snack Range

The Popped Lotus Seed snack proves to be the best healthy snack for its unique properties. It is preservative free and prepared with natural ingredients. Each pack of Popped Lotus Seed promises a delicious snack and a guilt-free snacking experience.

We strive. Your business thrives.

We strive. Your business thrives.

Ensuring positive business outcomes by customized technology and committed workforce.

Deliverables of KIT Technologies:

• Networking design

• Data storage management

• Wireless Solutions

• Software & Web Solutions

• Hardware Solutions

• Support and Training

• Cabling Infrastructure

• Telecom Solutions

Integrating technology. Delivering promises

Integrating technology. Delivering promises

KIT Technologies LLC – Started in 2011 by Kamal Loungani is a leading System Integration Company based in Dubai, UAE. It offers total IT solutions covering networking design, development, hardware, support, training, cabling infrastructure, internet and telecom solutions.
The specialized ‘IT products’ deliverables of KIT Technologies:
Computers, Peripherals,Printers, Telephone Instruments, Cables etc.