Optimism spurs positive outcomes and progress.

Kamal Kishin Loungani, Founder & CMD of KIT Group

In my early days of entrepreneurship, I used to be confronted by pessimism, there were bouts of fear and anxiety until I came across with a wonderful phrase of Jack Canfield -“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”- I was fascinated by the strong meaning the phrase has carried. That was a moment of realization when all my doubts and pessimistic thoughts started to fade away and came in the ever reverberating attitude of optimism. Henceforth, there was not looking back in terms of ideology, I gleefully enrobed myself with the cloak of optimism. Even during the trying times, when a whole lot of odds stacked against me, I took the role that of a teacher of my life book and I used to constantly tell my heart, let’s get to the other side of fear. I would like to share some of those carpe diem moments with optimism.

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The Art of winning. Personified.

The journey of success of Kamal Kishin Loungani began like any other success story, with a definite first step.  In 1996 Kamal Loungani started his venture Kamal International Trading, LLC in Dubai. Though he had started it in a modest manner, it was his sheer passion to perform has enabled Kamal Kishin Loungani to constantly look beyond the obvious and break-new grounds to explore more possibilities. Kamal Loungani was no superhuman and he hasn’t been provided with answers for all the queries and challenges, but he had the patience and perseverance to reach those impossible milestones.

Kamal Loungani- The inspirational leader

It is said that titles don’t honour men, but men honour the titles, Kamal Kishin Loungani the CMD and Founder of KIT Group is one such man who lives as the personification of a title. He is a person who practices quality in everything he does and keeps motivating his employees to deliver quality with greater confidence and enthusiasm. Kamal Loungani is naturally proficient in expanding the limits of possibilities and make every day better than the day before, and guides his team to push their limits.

Kamal Loungani – The constant learner 

The one attribute of a constant learner is you may see him struggle, but you can never see him quit, that is the quality that persistent learner will carry. Kamal Kishin loungani is no exception to that statement, he has successfully ventured into a variety of businesses, implemented time-tested strategies to achieve everything that someone said impossible. He was able to achieve many glorious milestones just because, he has been on the constant pursuit to learn, reflect it with his experience and has been able to put that learnings into action – Not to mention, the results have been phenomenal.

Kamal Loungani – The winner by choice

Kamal Loungani always had his relentless quest for expanding this business, he remains an envy to his competitors for being a change leader in the diversification of a trading entity- dealing in sports garments and general commodities into a leading business conglomerate in Dubai that has successfully ventured into multi-various segments such as Oil & Gas, Paper, Information Technology and Chemicals. The successful entities of KIT Group are: Kamal International Trading LLC, Trade Synergies LLC, Dubai, Trade Synergies U.K. Ltd., Kamal International Trading FZE, KIT Technologies LLC , KIT Oil & Gas Equipment Industries LLC, Dubai, Rooted Foods Ltd. U.K. The success of KIT Group across its operation is purely vested on Kamal Loungani’s insight in business and forethought in strategic implementation of a plan. Which is why, he has been able to make success look like it is by choice. Kamal Loungani stands tall in gallery of business leaders as the winner by choice.

The qualities that differentiate you from being a change leader to a change follower

The early bird advantage- It may sound an over clichéd phrase from an archaic book of business, but the statement holds good even today and every coming day when a new business forays into a market. When Kamal International Trading entered into the markets of the UAE in 1996, KIT was able to penetrate into the market and made quick progress in terms of business and trust.  It was possible only because, we have had the advantage of being early in the business, the reputation we build in terms of service delivery made us one of the leading and successful business conglomerates in the whole of UAE.

Sound values are the Solid Foundation for success- Today KIT Group is a leading conglomerate having proven excellence in domains such as Paper, Steel, Chemicals, Garments, Industrial Clothing, Information & Communication Technology and Food products. When we at KIT Group were keeping our firm foot forward back in 1996, we were not only passionate about introducing new products and services into the market of the UAE, but we were poised to build a long-term relationship with the clients and customers because the products and services are subject to change but the promises and trust will make the clients come back to us for more. So at Kamal International Trading – KIT Group we keep the goodwill of our client as our policy.

Stretch your decision and hold it little longer- Whether it is a business or play, it is the level of persistence that ensures the success. It is like, more the bow bends – the faster the arrow can fly. At KIT we have applied that logic to the fullest by devising plans and attributes that make our business succeed across different service verticals. The success and growth of ‘Trade synergies’ wing of KIT Group speak volumes about waiting and not becoming tired of waiting and bettering the things we are good at, has actually elevated us to break new grounds in doing business and delivering trade synergies that match international standards. Trade synergies being a successful entity of KIT Group is the outcome of stretching our decision in certain key areas and holding that decision for a longer period of time with unshakable faith and confidence.

Moving ahead with growing enthusiasm- A meaningful statement that has been used quite often in the business circles. i.e. In business, it pays to be prepared, at KIT we always keep facing the odds as one of our work deliverables across the board.  Admittedly, there is no definite point in a business that once we reached there, there won’t be shortfalls nor there can be a downturn, but the fact is, to move a business in the path of progress, it has to be reinvented persistently to stay ahead and stay smart. Rooted Food Co LTD of KIT Group is one such initiative that has been started to introduce organic and natural food varieties to western audiences. The ‘popped Lotus seeds’ product is capturing the markets of the United Kingdom for its additive free property and delicious taste.


It is a common perception, that all those ignited minds that have reached many glorious milestones in terms of their professional achievements have constantly kept their past & vast experience as their center-pillar to success. It may sound interesting for many and can be a nice source of inspiration, but according to me: Kamal Kishin Loungani, as a person having a long and unbroken links of experience in various avenues of business I have always looked ahead because I experientially know doing business is like pedaling a cycle, we have to keep peddling and keep moving on, I feel a spirited business will have too little scope to keep past experience as the foundation for a sound business strategy, but it is always moving ahead…briskly, by enjoying the fruits of success, or lessons from failures with growing enthusiasm. Over the years KIT group has grown into a leading enterprise in the UAE and the entire GCC region and the UK and in the coming years, our expansion will cover many notable destinations around the globe.  I feel, what I have achieved through KIT is actually the collective efforts of my able team and at this moment, I appeal to each one of you to raise your standards so that together we can cross more glorious milestones.

Undoubtedly, my team members are more professional in their work.

The team capability is helping KIT group to implement the commitments, working within the deadlines and most importantly ‘own’ the projects and assignments of KIT. The ingrained thought process of thinking ‘Our’ work has enabled us to live up to customer requirements to the T. As a team we have always aimed to deliver at par with the customer requirements which is why our clients have never been looking elsewhere for their needs and almost 75% of our business is made possible by the referrals and trust of long lasting clients. The team KIT always aims at achieving 100% response to our evolving clientele situation quickly, effectively and responsibly.

KIT team led by me always looks at any crisis as a challenge and an opportunity for all of us in the KIT family. It is a challenge because a lot is expected of us and an opportunity because it gives us a chance to demonstrate that we can rise to the occasion and lead from the front, think out of the box and act swiftly and effectively. In fact, at KIT we have been constantly improving with the things we were doing routinely and at the core of our work ethics, it was always the thought process of ‘How can I make a difference’.

Dear team, we have to continue doing what we are doing even more efficiently, so as we develop even stronger information networks and disseminate information, resolve conflicts, conduct negotiations, allocate resources and above all reflect and introspect so that we learn with every project and move ahead.

The production team has to produce what the customer wants, marketing has to ensure that we are able to anticipate customer needs and all other support systems have to ensure that we deliver on time. Let us remember that our suppliers are also customers and the best method to win their confidence and goodwill is to ensure that their queries were addressed/ resolved on time.

Summing up, the team KIT is as important to make a difference and Together we can and Together we will. The future of KIT depends on so many things such as forethought, plans and execution, but most importantly, it is the strong personnel strength of KIT that made this progress persistent and purposeful.

Come team, let’s expand more horizons of possibilities.

With warmest wishes

Kamal Kishin Loungani
Founder and CMD of KIT Group

Kamal Kishin Loungani – A businessman par excellence

Kamal Kishin Loungani, A budding entrepreneur of yesterday is today one of the most successful trailblazers in the UAE. A multi-talented visionary of the 21st century – Kamal Kishin Loungani started Kamal International Trading in 1996 which has set him on the path of progress. Blessed with keen business acumen and legacy of a family business guided by his father Kishin Shewaram Loungani, Kamal Kishin Loungani has arrived Dubai about 2 decades ago and has been phenomenally successful in expanding his business into various strategic business verticals and made KIT group a USD 300 million-turnover enterprise, which today has become a leading supplier of Paper, Steel, Chemicals, Garments, Industrial Clothing, Information & Communication Technology and Food products.

Kamal Loungani has not only implemented best practices in business but also have been the paragon of change in exercising inclusiveness and integrity in business dealings. Kamal Kishin Loungani has always been keen on building a reputation for KIT Group, which is why nearly 75% of business occurs through positive referrals. Major successes of Kamal Loungani are in the form of his successful entities such as Kamal International Trading LLC, Kamal International Trading FZE, KIT Oil & Gas Equipment Industries LLC, Dubai, Trade Synergies LLC, KIT Technologies LLC etc. His business portfolio is ever expanding and accommodating as like his dreams with a vision and his goals with plans to achieve them all. Kamal Loungani is not just a dreamer, but he is an immensely multi-talented business leader who has a clear vision and sound insight to reach his targets and beyond.

KIT Group under his able leadership is progressing in leaps and bounds by keeping ‘no peak too tall to surmount’ as its corporate philosophy. The much-adored trailblazer and the change leader in business is also a socially conscious leader. He has spearheaded several CSR activities all over Dubai region for health care, employee welfare, education and many more. Continuing his good work in business and service, the leader of KIT Group Kamal Loungani is poised to take KIT Group to new heights in terms of business and expansion.